During the summer months, it appears like flies are everywhere. They breed very fast. Once you think that you have eliminated all of them, another group shows up and they’ll multiply again. That is why you may think that flies are a never-ending problem as a homeowner.  

However, that should not be the case. It might appear hopeless to eliminate all flies out of your home. Fortunately, there are a lot of various methods you can use to prevent and/or repel flies from infesting the exterior and interior of your house.  

Aside from hiring a professional Boise pest control company, here are other tips you can follow: 

Keep Your Place Clean 

This strategy is extremely successful if you practice it over time. For those who don’t know, flies are attracted to all types of odors. Whether it is nasty or sweet, flies will be there to consume it.  

While flies might be attracted to the sweet smell of your traps, the foul odor of your garbage cans can also attract them. To lower the swarms of flies that can infest your house, try to keep the areas outside and inside your house clean.  

You’ve got to ensure you get rid of your pet’s solid waste. Make sure you completely shut the garbage cans whenever they are full. Simple methods, such as regular cleaning, will help you prevent the infestation of flies.  

Citronella Candles 

One extremely well-known outdoor repellents for flies are citronella candles. They do not trap and kill the flies. However, they’re great at keeping them away. The reason for this is that flies do not like the smell they produce.  

While they’re extremely well-known outdoor repellents, you can also buy citronella candles that are safe for interior use.  

Because the odor of citronella candles is what causes flies to steer clear, they’re only effective as long as the candle is burning.  


An easy and more obvious method is to buy and utilize fly traps. There are a lot of various types of fly traps you can buy online or in-store.  

The idea of a fly trap is to attract the flies and get them stuck in the trap. Because flies are attracted to the trap, it is wise to place it as far away from where you do not want the flies to be.  

It does not matter if you buy the flytrap from the store or make a DIY trap, they can be quite effective. This depends on the number of flies you’re dealing with.  

Hang Up a Bag of Water 

This tip is one of the traditional methods of repelling flies. If you hang a bag of water up in a place that is infested with flies, the light will reflect off of the water in the bag and throws them off.  

Unluckily, this strategy is not as successful if the infestation of flies is too severe. This is only a temporary solution since flies will return once you remove the bag of water. Because of this, it’s always ideal to hire a professional pest control company to get rid of flies.