Betsy Scott Chapman

Tai Chi classes

Tai Chi is an exercise practiced by millions daily in China, and is gaining popularity around the world. Betsy's classes focus on the standardized syllabus (8-step, 16-step, 24-step) for beginners. Students may go on to study traditional Sun Style, the International Competition Routines (42-step, 42 Sword), Weapons (Broadsword, Straight Sword, Spear, Fan), and Push-Hands. A student of Peter Warr (UK) and Jose Johnson (US), Betsy has been studying the Martial Arts since 1981, and concentrating on Chinese styles since 1990. Betsy teaches Chinese Martial Arts at Ursinus College. She is certified as a Senior Coach (Black Sash) by the Wu Kung Federation (UK), and holds additional Black Sash rankings from Nick Gracenin's Martial Arts Center (US) and the International Wushu SanShou Dao Association (China). She is certified as a Chief Judge for Chinese Martial Arts competition in the US. Her competitive experience includes Taijiquan, weapons, and Xingyiquan. Betsy is currently teaching privately in several locations.

Classes open to the public are held at FINAL RESULTS FITNESS in Gilbertsville, PA.   On Monday evenings Open Tai Chi classes are held at 6:30 PM,with Advanced Tai Chi and Special Topics classes at 7:30 PM.  

Check or email for details.  You DO NOT need to be a member of Final Results to attend these classes, although there is a special discount for club members.